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Jul 26, 2012


Dave Ault

I would like to see the proof behind the SW numbers to believe it. Considering the defections and the dropped maintenance by numerous unhappy clients I take these claims as seriously as I do the ones about "Catia Lite" being fininshed in 2013. I suppose next year when things are even worse for them it will be a 17% increase ;) What is it that is said about the veracity of statistics?

Kevin De Smet

I suppose that's what they set up a Finance department for, it's like Marketing; only with numbers, instead of flyers and TV ads.

Matthew West

Dave, you can find the complete earnings statement here.


Despite what you may hear from our competitors, we continue to experience positive growth, the percentage of customers on subscription maintenance is going up (not down), and the vast majority of our customers around the world are very happy with the products and support they receive from SolidWorks and our resellers.

Matt / SolidWorks

Dave Ault

That could well be Matt, I just get cynical about comments from all the companies in the cad world who all claim huge double digit sales growth and just can't see how this is possible in this economy. How can EVERYONE be thriving in a contracting manufacturing and economical environment?

You have that right Kevin!

Matthew West


Keep in mind that not all parts of the world are experiencing the same conditions as the US and western Europe. We've seen huge growth in the Brazil, Russia, India and China. Other countries like Turkey more or less avoided the downturn entirely and are growing just as fast. And companies in the West continue to invest in new technology that lets them work more efficiently, making CAD purchases/upgrades net positives from a balance sheet perspective. And there are still a lot of companies moving from 2D to 3D.

Dave Ault

OK I will buy that. When SE talked about sales increases this year for the Americas they said the Americas as an agregate so it basically included the Western Hemisphere I imagine.

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