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Jul 04, 2012


Patrick EMIN

I have thousands of dollars that sleep in my closet ... I'll be pretty busy these next few days, sorry ...

Ralph Grabowski

I wonder if non-Europeans can now sell their software through European sites?

Normand C.

2.17! When I was at University a friend copied me AutoCAD v2.17 for DOS on a floppy (the lab PCs were running 2.62). I think I finally threw the disk away 4 years ago when I moved.

Kevin E.

Curious. I'm pretty sure that the license terms for all of the CAD/CAM companies are pretty much the same, yet you don't mention any others besides Autodesk in this post?

Kevin E.

After reading this again, I can see why you don't. My apologies.

Ralph Grabowski

I specify Autodesk, because it is the CAD vendor who is aggressively suing one man for the resale of software licenses, alternatively losing and winning as the case winds it way up through the American court system.

The man's argument is that he did not agree to the EULA, because he did not install the software, and so is not bound by it. He bought the CAD software at a garage sale, and then listed it for sale on eBay. Autodesk asked eBay to take down the listing, which eBay did, and the fireworks began.


A few years ago I bought an older version of automap in its sealed box at a local computer fair with books and attached serial #, upon installation I was asked to register it online, but never did try activating it, so after 15 days it did stop working, so I ended up un-installing it.

I doubt Autodesk would allow me to register and activate the software since it was not bought through their resellers.
Even if it's just for hobby use.

Ralph,great article!

Francis Baziraake

But who is Autodesk to be setting such ridiculous conditions? Their prices are so exhorbitant that they are infringing on other peoples' well being. Probably some people should sit down and rewrite those programs!


Has this decision been reversed in 2017?

Ralph Grabowski

Checking online, I see no change to the EU ruling since it was made in 2012.


Excellent article exposing the greedy, self-indulgent criminals at Autodesk! (and the rest of the software world!!)
Let's hope that "free enterprise capitalism" forces "monopoly capitalism" out of business in the software world.
And let's hope it's soon!
Cheers ...


Autodesk is a company with an army of lawyers behind them. They have a choking hand around the neck of architects and MEP engineers who are, in the first place, so incredibly under-compensated for their work. I'd say shame on them, but little chance they'd care.

Unfortunately, big firms are forcing the trend for small firms to buy exorbitant Autodesk subscription-only licenses because clients have heard of buzz words like Revit and Bim that do things you could already do (if using CAD comprehensively) years ago and that actually take over some of the designing into the world of the bland and unified. We have no hope. I can't use SketchUp because it doesn't look good on my resume.

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