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Jun 21, 2012



Autodesk offers 3GB for anyone (that creates an account) and 25GB per seat with Subscription.

Ralph Grabowski

Thank you for the correction. I hadn't see the increase in limits from Autodesk, so I need to amend my conclusion to read, "Vectorworks, now it's your move, move, move!"

Dave Ault

How retarded is this to claim as an advantage when I can back up to my external hard drive of 1TB which cost me a little over $100.00? No access to my data by web hacks and no chronic ISP/Web problems to deal with.

Please someone tell me again why I need these web things?

Ralph Grabowski

You and I don't need Web-based CAD, but the IT departments of large corporations with in-house "cloud" servers like them.

Dave Ault

In house implying that they can control the costs as compared to an open web scenario hosted by others? I wait for the other side of this cloud cost savings paradigm to manifest itself when people give up their own infrastructure and are subject to rising costs they can no longer control. Kind of like the smart phones with unlimited data for the first in and then for the rest data caps and big time fees.

What is the cloud now anyway? I see this term applied so much to so many things I am begining to relegate this word to me to PR BS.

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