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Jun 04, 2012



Also Western concepts: fascism, multinational corporations, military juntas, gas chambers.

Ralph Grabowski

>"Also Western concepts: fascism, multinational corporations, >military juntas, gas chambers."

-> Fascism -- overcome, except in non-Western countries, although Europe seems to be headed back in that direction with unelected governments taking over.

-> Multinational Corporations -- raising the standard of living around the world.

-> Military Juntas -- overcome, except in non-Western countries


The original premise was "Democracy - a western concept".

Leaving aside the problems with your response such as the actual real-world records of the likes of Shell and Coca-Cola, the you-know-who historical big sponsor of military juntas etc. - you appear to have changed the goalposts to "western concepts - NOWADAYS", which is a different kettle of fish.

Ralph Grabowski

You must be self-employed, just like me!

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