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May 02, 2012


Kevin E.

I read Roopinder's article and it got me curious. SO I downloaded and installed Autodesk 123D and gave it a try.

123D seems to be a repurposed Inventor Fuion. The UI seems to be designed for the DIY crowd, but the core of the products seems to work and feel a lot like Fusion.

So did Autodesk really have to spend millions on this? Maybe, I'm not sure. But in some ways this seems to make more sense than buying Sketchup.

If Autodesk had purchased Sktechup, would they have made it fit the rest of the Autodesk design products? How much would it cost to make those under the hood changes?

So it seems they could have approached this in 2 ways. They could have bought Sketchup for the userbase and then spent the money to integrate the product into the Autodesk family. The other way is to use your already developed core tech, put a new UI on it for novice cad users and try to win the base over by builing a better product.

Both routes are challenging to pull off.

Rande Robinson

Roopinder you might still have it right. It is possible that you are looking at the wrong acquisition. Rather than buying Sketchup. How about Trimble? That would fit much better into the Autodesk world (and would help it considerably in the the AEC arena). With all the current consolidation in the Surveying/Mapping/GPS world Autodesk may have a different target in mind. Just a thought.


Apparently, 123D imports SKP files, so the advantage of the large library of existing content might not be such a huge factor ... just another thought ...

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