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Mar 30, 2012



"Microsoft is making Windows 8 painful for non-tablet users, but CAD is a natural for tablets."

When did you change your mind?


(By the way, Bentley's MicroStation already has 'touch', so that's my prediction - the question is whether their iPad version or Metro version comes out first).

Jon Banquer

I think you will see Missler Software TopSolid CADCAM 7.7 run on Windows 8 Metro. Missler Software is committed to being on the cutting edge of Microsoft Windows stuff. This is what they are currently showing:


Michael Gibson

Hi Ralph,

re: MoI - "It got bought by Alibre, which was then swallowed up by 3D Systems."

Actually MoI has not been bought by anybody - I just have a bundling/reselling partnership with Alibre, where MoI is included in Alibre Design Expert as part of the whole bundle of software. Alibre just basically acts as a reseller of MoI, there was no outright purchasing of the company at all.

Re: Metro - right now I don't have any plans to develop a Metro-specific MoI version, it would most likely involve a major porting effort for the UI. Metro does not just run regular existing Windows programs, it's basically a whole new system of UI.

Also the focus for MoI and tablets has always been for a pen tablet, I'm not really sold on the idea of doing precision drawing type work just with your fingers - it seems kind of weird and imprecise, I mean there's a reason why most artists use implements like pencils or pens instead of just doing finger painting, you just have a lot more precision and control with a tool.

Touch works great for broad gestures flicking things around and stuff like that but drawing is a pretty different kind of thing from that.

- Michael

Michael Gibson

Kevin E.

I really don't see Metro in Windows 8 as being hard to use. It's just different, and....well.....You don't handle change well :-)

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