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Nov 29, 2011



Autodesk is empowering millions of individual right now with their software, its called torrents!

R. Paul Waddington

Non-"professionals" have, since time started, often led the way. Autodesk won't help or change that situation.
Bass may admire a person who risks his life to an idea but, we do know, he does not respect those who speak-up about corperate intrusion and injustice.
Which is the more important in a leader?

Jon Banquer

Autodesk is yet another CAD company that fails to understand the significance of fully integrated CADCAM. Sadly, the subject of true fully integrated CADCAM will not be discussed at Autodesk University 2011 despite the fact that there are very few CAM solutions that run inside of Inventor compared to SolidWorks.

Autodesk should have purchased a CAM company by now. That would be a CAM company that would focus on creating true fully integrated CAM for Inventor where the CAM file is an actual Inventor Assembly file instead of just riding on top of an existing Inventor Assembly file. Stock models for solid cut part rending also need to create their own files.


Sad how once again the badly broken basics in CAD and CAM are being pushed aside and ignored

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA

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