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Oct 13, 2011


Jim B from Arizona

Lets see - Ralph creates a cube, then a cylinder, attaches a few more bosses, makes a hole, and voila! - declares to the world that Bricsys direct modeling WORKS.

Yes-sir-ree, believe me, it works and it works.

Can you spell S-H-I-L-L ?

Ralph Grabowski

The software is available for download for you to test yourself, Jim B who was too frightened to give his real name.


I've never used Bricscad but I've used SpaceClaim for years now.

I watched the You Tube video that was posted for Bircscad direct modeling and I can tell its got a decent user interface for direct modeling that will only get better. Because I've reached this conclusion does that make me the ultimate "S-H-I-L-L" having never even tried Bricscad direct modeling or am I too late posting my comments and now relegated to sock puppet status? ;>)

Jon Banquer

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