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Sep 24, 2011


Rakesh Rao

Philippines surely has done the right thing to learn more English from the American influence than Spanish from their colonisers.

In the past few years, they have emerged as a formidable competitior to India and many off-shore operations of foreign companies have moved to Philippines from India. The prime reason - hard working people and English language skills. Better return on investment on the American dollar.


"The Philippines were named after King Philip II of Spain; the country gained independence from Spain on July 4, 1946. While students can learn Spanish in school, most prefer English. The American presence here during and following WWII had a greater influence than the 400 years of Spanish rule."

I think you've rather gotten your history in a twist here. The Philippines didn't win independence from Spain on that date, but rather from an America which had betrayed them immediately after the departure of the Spanish, triggering off a brutal war of US conquest.

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