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Sep 19, 2011



As far as Miss goes, Tagalog probably doesn't have separate pronouns for men & women, so it's hard to remember when to use "Mr" or "Ms"; I know Chinese doesn't, and so many Chinese speakers use "him" and "her" interchangeably in English.

erik de keyser, Bricsys

Bricscad Pro and Bricscad Platinum for LINUX are underway and will make a huge difference. Step by step we are closing the gap between our WIndows platform and our LINUX platform. Thanks so far for your patience and support.

Rakesh Rao


Very similar situation in India as well. The "Sir Ralph" concept is common in almost every old-fashioned company here, as well as in government.

It is only the new-generation, modern, IT and similar industry that pro-actively discourage addressing as "Sir".

Looks like Philippines is very much like India. Would love to visit sometime.

Rakesh Rao

Sounds very much like India. It is a common practice even here to address anyone in a superior position as "Sir". It is common in old-fashioned companies and governement but not so much in new generation IT companies.

Philippines surely sounds interesting and I would love to visit and compare the chaos. But I would not like to be called "Sir" by fellow workers.

Joshua Isaac

very interesting travelogue, thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I must say Mr. Lee has done the right thing by switching to Linux, comparatively cost effective solution.
As a CAD drafter apart from Bricscad, one can also use other opensource CAD apps for Linux like Draftsight, LibreCAD, BRL-CAD to supplement one's work...

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