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Aug 25, 2011


John Evans

I'm happy you are happy with your unit. I did want to point out that the capability of the unit will depend greatly on what kind of CAD you will be doing. Inventor would run ok on that setup, but AutoCAD Civil 3D, and possibly Revit would not.

The key is OpenGL support on the Quadro Graphics card. Inventor for example is tuned to run on Direct X, however Quadro's render better in all cases.

Best of luck

Ralph Grabowski

I installed Revit and it seems to work just fine with one of the sample building models. But then I've never used Revit before, so I don't know what to expect.

Norm C.

Ralph G said:
"This is the fault of separatists in Quebec, who demand that the rest of Canada be English-French bilingual, yet ban the use of English in Quebec."

I strongly resent your false accusations, and wish you bothered to check the facts.

Separatists did not demand that Canada be bilingual, a federalist Prime Minister did this (PET, remember?)

Separatists DID NOT BAN English in Quebec. Matter of fact, to this day in many Montreal downtown shops and businesses we actually have TROUBLE GETTING SERVICE IN FRENCH. In our metropolis. In our own province. How's that for an English ban.

When you Canadian neighbors visit our province and ask us directions, we go out of our way to answer you in English. You'd be surprised to learn of the political allegiance of the Quebecker who eagerly answered you with his badly accented Franglish. How's that for an English ban!

Many past PQ ministers were very fluent in English, Parizeau for example talking with a distinct British accent. A great majority of them would never endorse banning use of English.

FYI, protecting our language does not mean we want to ban English, or even that it makes all of us separatists (this is ludicrous, just look at the polls, separatism is at an all time low). Many of us are not only speaking English, but enjoy Canadian/American culture. We feel more affinity to you than to people from France. Yeah, even some separatists. Of course there are ignorant and bigoted ones, but tell me there are none in your end of the country...

And by the way, there are French speaking Canadians out of Quebec, in many provinces in fact. Officially Canada is bilingual (and again that was by a Liberal government's doing, not by separatists), and until some future government scraps that (which I'm sure will happen sooner or later considering the fact that French-Canadians are on a downslope demographics-wise) that's what you're stuck with.

In Quebec, for years we had trouble finding computer hardware with bilingual keyboards. That you are now getting them exclusively is a mystery to me, but please don't put the fault on "Quebec separatists". This is just ignorant talk.

Marc Gibeault

You're seeing bilingual keyboards for the only reason that computer manufacturers want only one part number for what they sell in Canada. These low-value ones at least; I can choose French-Canadian or English-Canadian keyboards for Apple gear...
But I did not expect such red-neck, racist comments in your blog. I'm removing it from my reading list and I simply won't hear from you anymore.

Ralph Grabowski

When one speaks out against a political movement, it is called "freedom of speach," not "racism."

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