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Jul 27, 2011


Norm C.

What I can't understand is why they still haven't made a 64 bit version available. It's still a pain to install on Ubuntu 64 bit (the latest 11.04 more so I hear) and a nightmare to uninstall. Come on Graebert, come on Dassault! 64 bit operating systems have been there for almost a decade now, how about getting into the 21st century already...

Ralph Grabowski

In Windows and Mac, 32-bit works just as well as 64-bit, and is "universal" (32-bit works on 32- and 64-bit systems.)

In Linux, well, I would guess the demand is just not there to warrant the development work.

It would be interesting for Dassault to split the one-million download figure into OSes. My guess: Windows (98%), Mac (1.9%), Linux (0.1%).

Aaron Kelly

We would like to create 64 bit versions for all of the operating systems, but we have some other priorities first. This is a significant project. We did some work to enable DraftSight to use more memory (3GB) when running on 64 bit Windows. 64 bit on Linux is a particular issue since 32 bit apps have trouble running on 64 bit Linux (maybe an understatement). This is not an issue on MAC and Windows as Ralph states.

BTW: 85%, 9%, 6% for the splits!

Norm C.

Thanks for your feedback Aaron. Can we hope for 64-bit when the Linux version gets out of Beta?

6% for Linux? Now that's interesting. Of course, there is no free alternative to DraftSight on Linux, while there are a few on Windows.

Aaron Kelly

We are happily surprised with the Linux users who found us. This is a very knowledgeable and viral community. I would also say they are very vocal. This is exactly what you want as a software developer. We will not tie the release of DraftSight on Linux with a 64-bit version. We still need some work to do though. We want to build a programming interface option as well for DraftSight for Linux (not COM, of course). The good news is that the Windows, MAC, and Linux versions of DraftSight are now currently shipping at the same version numbers - V1R1.2 (even though MAC and Linux are still Beta). We are trying to keep all products at the same functionality and (outside of operating system issues) the same quality.

Neb Radojkovic

I've said it before but it doesn't hurt to say it again. It is a great thing for Linux users to be able to forget about their Windows boxes that they have just because they needed a good enough CAD software. With DraftSight now, I am happy to say that, I can do almost all of my work with it and all of it on my Linux box. What a relief...
Not having to go through the Windows nightmare - great! Thank you Dassault!


Do you guys find Draftsight fast as autocad? becouse i don't see it, by fast meaning same reaction time for the mouse when selecting a entity as Autocad, I would like to pay for the full support but for some reason or is just not fast enough so i can keep it as my main CAD for now, how do you guys find the speed of draftsight?

cisco ccna training

This free Draftsight is very helpful that I cannot ignore. I hope training on hand will be available soon.

Rotweiler Sds

Why there is not a 32 bit version for mac?? u use to work with tis app for a long time, now in F#%$% ..there is no way to still using it !!!

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