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Jun 01, 2011


Arnold van der Weide

Remember Actrix? Disappeared when Visio was swallowed by Microsoft.

Mook, Richardson TX

But ADSK already has a track record with analysis software with Robot, and that track record is poor. Talk to any Robot user or peruse the forums - Robot has been losing ground to their analysis peers since ADSK took over. Development of new features and bug-fixing has suffered. Their Revit interface to Robot is still problematic, no better than that of some other analysis software products.. so nothing to distinguish Robot there either, despite their "in house" advantage.

Analysis products like these tend to have only 1 - 3 key individuals driving development. Once they get bought out with the pockets full of cash, they lose incentive.. even more so when they face the bureaucracy of a massive company. ADSK has no one in mgmt who really knows or understands CAE. They are after all a CAD company. Their strategy is incoherent and utopian.

Anyone who believes that these products, all developed separately with different disciplines, will EVER be able to "share a code base" has no clue.

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