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Apr 05, 2011


R. Paul Waddington

"Graebert Dassault DraftSight for Linux $0 (without 3D solids and APIs)"

Without 3D? So I took my first look at Draftsight (Linux version) this afternoon and when I saw the UCS (CCS) command existed I also quickly found 'Region' is also there as is 'orbit' and 'Align/3DAlign' no 3D eh?

Typed in 'extrude' and low an behold I created two 3D solids and wnet in 'Sheet 1' and created two views of the 3D model along with an 'isometric' view of the same model. Performed a 'hide' in the view ports - no 3D?

Then loaded an AutoCAD created 3D components (frame components) and was able to assemble frame using the holes and the 'Align' command as normal and again created three views with hide. Did the same thing again with a more complex 3D model and still no real problems for a package with no 3D.

Have not found a 'Revolve' command or any Booleans but eh' Draftsight I thought was only 2D and yet I could easily use this freebe to teach a newby some very usefull 3D functionality.

That's my first hour with the software so I will be spending more time to look at Draftsight and its uses for students.

Ralph Grabowski

I mistyped it, and have updated it to "(limited 3D and APIs)." Thanks for the correction.

Neb Radojkovic

I have more and more fun with DraftSight. However, if I want to really work on my 2D and 3D files from AutoCAD, then I use Bricscad on Linux. In any event, I have a feeling that DraftSight will soon open up to 3D functionality and then we (Linux lovers) will be happy campers.

Russell Gray

Considering that SolidWorks and Catia had unix roots, once upon a time..., I won't be surprised if DraftSight 'evolves' in that direction. Fun ahead...

erik de keyser, Bricsys

I think Bricscad for LINUX might surprise you soon,...


nice to see more Linux options for CAD. We support Linux as an option on our workstations, but without good CAD software, it's just another machine.

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