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Apr 27, 2011



I may be wrong or not what you were looking for, but once the command is redefined the Screen Menu options in the CUI are under the legacy branch.

R. Paul Waddington

Yes Mark it appears in the Legacy section after redefinition


"Problem is that some/many users turn off CIP [customer involvement program, where Autodesk tracks your command usage], and so Autodesk would never know."

I know CIP is turned OFF on my systems and I have told others to do the same. In reality Ralph what percentage of registered users do have CIP turned OFF; would we be ever likely to know or Autodesk honest enough to reveal truthfully.

If - CIP is OFF - in significant numbers that could mean Autodesk would/could have choose/chosen to ignore the fact they may be alienating a suite of customers. Those who have chosn to protect the integrity of their business computing systems by not allowing Autodesk's to use its un-authorized Trojan software to remove customers’ data from their systems without the customers knowledge or control.

I have SCREENMENU set to <1> but Autodesk may never know ;-)

Equally it is fair to warn: even though we set CIP OFF there has been one occasion where it was found to have been activated – ?somehow – in Inventor and, as a result we check regularly to ensure, if it happens again, we are aware of it as soon as possible.

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