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Mar 11, 2011


Dave Ault

I am not really sure why any serious CAD company would chase Linux users. The few Linux users I know are there because they don't have to spend money. Wait till they see the price tag of a good 3D CAD program ported to Linux and this will be the end of it. Why would a CAD company chase those who will not support it anyway? I don't get it. What am I missing here?

Ralph Grabowski

There are a few reasons that I can think of. Having a linux version gives the CAD vendor a larger potential market, especially when the CAD system is set up for easy porting. It gives the vendor some market differentiation. Linux is a more efficient operating system than Windows.


The fact that slashdot has generated so much attention for DraftSight seems to answer the question as to why DS did this.

My personal opinion is that Windows is poised to lose significant ground in the market as use of PCs are in decline and MS continues to fail to grab any serious market share in other areas that are introducing millions to the alternatives (smartphones and tablets). Serious application companies need to prepare for the future landscape where MS is not even a consideration for consumers.


Help me understand exactly how Linux is a more efficient os?

Ralph Grabowski

Here is a simple example of Linux's efficiency:

I have today a recent vintage of Linux running happily on the very first netbook ever made (the original ASUS 701, now nearly three years old). Here are the specs:

OS: JoliCloud (updated from the original Linux shipped with the computer)
CPU: 0.8GHz (max)
RAM: 0.5GB
Disk space: 4GB (SSD)
Boot time: just over a half-minute.
Browser: Google Chrome

Is a recent vintage of Windows going to run on this system? No. Wouldn't even install.

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