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Mar 16, 2011



Or buy Microstation to work on your dwg files. It's has the ability to have 8 views of the same file open at the same time and also built in settings for working with dual monitors. This is a feature that has been with Bentley for as long as I can remember, and really miss it when I have to go back to Autocad.

Ralph Grabowski

Since Release 10 (1989), AutoCAD does the same: as many windows as you want (used to have a limit of 64 active ones), and stretchable across two monitors.

Myself, I find stretching a program across two monitors less convenient than opening two instances of the program.


Concerning your comment about the CADD Manager being able to support the user, what I'm seeing more and more in large outfits is that the CADD is becoming an IT guy that really doesn't know much about CADD except how to install the software (and maybe setup the license server).

R. Paul Waddington

Don't forget guys AutoCAD allows you to create and use viewports to do this similar thing on a single screen.
Using the viewport 'four left' or 'four right' option and 'joining' some of the smaller viewports you will have a quite a usefull tool (in Model Space).
I use these options quite frequently.
Don't do it myself as a matter of course but if you were to use viewports in a layout it would be possible to size you viewports to suit which would even mean your small view could be inside the larger view (so movable).
None of these options I would expect and IT guy to know ;-)

Patrick Hughes

I've used DSViewer (aka Aerial View) for years on a second monitor. The huge advantage of this arrangement is you do your zooming and panning within the aerial view window.


If you're looking to max out the screen real-estate in the AutoCAD window you're using for viewing purposes, I posted a CUI macro to max out the full screen view for AutoCAD at http://www.cadbloke.com/autocad-full-screen-shortcut/


At Ralph

With Microstation you aren't dragging on large windows across two monitors. There is a setting for dual monitors that opens up 2 windows, each that can be maximized for each monitore. Then within those 2 windows you have option of turning on 8 different editable views of the same file. The nice thing about this is you can pan is 1 view and see your panning in an overall larger view. You also have the ability to do a zoom box from 1 view and draw the box in the another overall larger view.

So how is does Autocad do the same thing? In my experience Autocad only has the ability to have multiple files open at the same time not multiple views of the same model. Is there some secret setting?


At Ralph

In Microstation you have the ability to set the program to dual monitors which will allow open up 2 windows that can be maximized on each monitor. So how can Autocad do this?

Microstation also allows you to do a zoom window for 1 view but draw the window in an another overall view. It also allows you to do the same thing with pan. Pan a smaller close up view in an overall larger view. I don't think Autocad can do this either.

Ralph Grabowski

AutoCAD has the DsViewer command, which opens a second window containing the drawing. It always shows the entire drawing (to its extents), and can be used to zoom and pan the working version of the drawing (over in the main AutoCAD window).


things like this why autocad is an inferior product.

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