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Feb 17, 2011



Defenestrating = throwing something or someone through a window (which might be more apt!)

Kevin E.

Meegoo just went bye bye. Intel will try to foster it a long a little, but without the backing of Nokia, I don't see how it will survive.


I've read early reviews of the proposed Unity interface that is eventually to be used in Ubuntu, and I believe this is true there, as well.


I can see why this might be good on a small screen. But on a 24" monitor? On multiple monitors? No thanks.

Madhumati Ramesh

I would like to see apps similar to the ones on smart phones such as New York Times, Yahoo, Gmail, Weather, Facebook, etc on a desktop. This way there will be no menu related to a browser when you use them. The concept of navigating to these "sites" using a "URL" and a "browser" is not understood by majority of the population who wants to use them.

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