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Feb 15, 2011


Evan Yares

I'm guessing that Autodesk will respond. On the last day.

Autodesk has really good attorneys, who would be unlikely to miss this sort of thing because they just forgot a deadline. (That being said, in Europe, Autodesk's attorneys did mess things up... which ended up with Autodesk losing the DWG trademark registration there. I think you covered this a year or two ago.)



Deelip declared "The Fight Over DWG Ends" back in Apr 2010.

R. Paul Waddington

Did the last day response happen Ralph/Evan or does dwg belong to us all?

Robert Holtzmann

Autodesk filed a response - fight is not over.

Evan Yares

As expected, Autodesk filed their response at the last minute -- on February 24. Its available at www.uspto.gov.

Not much new that I can see.

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