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Dec 25, 2010



The freedom to speak, unless it offends a politically influential minority group.

Hmm. Interesting to see what 'innocent' remarks Publius may have in mind about "influential" minorities, eh?


The UK "Citizenship" test is awful - try it at http://www.ukcitizenshiptest.co.uk/ . I and almost all of my (UK native) friends failed it.

It doesn't ask important questions. Some things are downright pointless. Some things are potentially useful, but only in obscure situations, that you could look up when you needed (e.g., knowing how many weeks a school is open - even if you have children at school, you don't need to know the actual number off by heart). Some concepts are perhaps useful (e.g., that women have the right to divorce), but instead the test asks the least significant bit of information (who cares _exactly_ which year it was). And some questions are simply wrong (you don't need a letter from a GP to get hospital treatment - as I recently managed to myself; some results from the census are made available immediately, it's the specific individual responses and full dataset that takes 100 years).

You're given a book to learn from, but it means it's basically a pointless and difficult memory test, not something that anyone needs to know (or indeed, does know).

And this isn't even for citizenship, you need it just to get indefinite leave. Even if I and my American girlfriend marry - if she moves here, she'll be deported if she can't pass this pointless trivia memory test!

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