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Dec 03, 2010


Patrick EMIN

Wikileaks is hosted now by OVH, a french host. The french government (Eric Besson) has today clearly said this is not acceptable and will pressure OVH.

R. Paul Waddington

Ralph, any person following - with their eyes open - what I have been saying MUST conclude, in Autodesk's case, Autodesk truly believe they own data created by their software.
It is ‘said’ we own our drawings (the idea/graphical representation) but Autodesk do not extend the statement to include their .dwg file nor data they have surreptitiously collected, on customers computers, using their Trojan CIP and other functionality.
However, it is customers of software (CAD) vendors who are responsible for allowing software vendor management to get away with creating the situation they have. It is vendor management who (have) are deciding customers’ future access to their ‘own’ data and it is software vendor management who have used the cover of a corporate entity to gain enormous control over their customers’ IP; control which otherwise would have been totally in the customers’ hands, in previous forms.
The current loss – and the greater future loss - of control CAD users will have over their IP is the CUSTOMERS’ fault and it is customers who can/should rectify the situation. Vendor management are so committed to the path they have trod they cannot, and will not, change their course without considerable pressure. To all those ‘sitting on their hands’; guys, start looking after your future. DO NOT of leaving it in the hands of unregulated corporation software (CAD) management.

Dave Ault

Ralph it is nothing other than how the MBA CPA types look at things strictly from a forced recurrent subscription model. The idea that they should have a constantly improving problem free product to entice buyers to continue to pay yearly fees is to much trouble. It is cheaper for them to con or force subscriptions and get you locked in then they can just stop spending all that money to keep you with better products. All this has to do with their bottom line and that is the ONLY thing and users be d----d.

I have a criteria for software purchases. I do not buy anything that has to go on line for any reason. I do not buy anything that does not have a permanant license. You see it is my money and my autonomy that is more important to me than their bottom line is and as Paul says, I vote with my wallet and feet to never get in this cloud extortion racket. I feel sorry for the SW guys for instance as they are all more than likely to have to make some hard choices soon. Do you stay there and become a hostage to bad software versions, ISP problems, pay as you go and never stop or lose your ability to work and on and on. Or do you bite the bullet and just go for a new program with the learning and legacy files issue. My choice has always been to tolerate only a certain amount of abuse before I am gone. The cloud and forced subscriptions [ and yes it will be for all you Kumbaya cloud fans ] cross two areas that I will not allow anything I own to cross.

This cloud thing will be a big fat fail for cad and a true nightmare for those who sit still for it. I find it interesting that for the most part the people advocating for how nice the cloud will be are corporate and reseller types. I don't know one actual user personally that wants any part of this. There is one bright spot in all this though. If you like vaudville you could go buy an Ipad and dance on stage while doing the cloud thing with Bernard.

Evan Yares

I don't think anyone cares who owns the data. I wish that weren't true, but many years of experience says it is.

The issue with Wikileaks and Amazon was not about data ownership or rights. It was about Amazon not wanting to get dragged into another no-win situation that was going to get them boycotted.

I do agree, in principle, that a well-thought-out cloud strategy would include McNeel-level open data formats. But explaining that to end-users is going to be a thankless task.

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