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Nov 15, 2010



I believe it will definitely happen. The caveat would be that you wouldn't want that tablet/pad device to be the primary way you make a movie like Avatar or design something with Inventor, etc.

I use an app called "LogMeIn Ignition" on the iPad which allows me to remote into my (three screen) PC. It's actually alot more seemless than I ever thought it would be. It's almost to the point where these tablet/pad devices could eventually replace most of functionality laptops provide. Right now I'm remoting into my PC, but eventually, applications will probably have two User Experiences: Desktop and Mobile. Where the Mobile UX would reduce the need for me to remote into my desktop.

I'm finally starting to see where the "Cloud" would be useful.

jg gerth

well, if he means that a movie with as weak a story-line as avatar had could be done that way, well sure. If he means regurgitating canned special effects, maybe someday. if he's talking about innovative, imaginiative use of theatrical storytelling, then, nope, NIMHO.


How boring would the world be without marketing exaggerations.

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