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Nov 08, 2010


Chris Fougere

I'm a little bit confused; are you saying that anything that has to do with Social Media needs to be able to run on a portable device?

"CAD doesn't work on phones, so CAD vendors don't need the Social."

Using that logic, shouldn't 95% of companies stop using Social Media?

Ralph Grabowski

Social media is moving primarily to smartphones; sure, it still is on desktop computers, but it is less useful there.

Chris Wade

I disagree, by integrating social web, CAD Vendors could enable easier collaboration, including working on the same drawing at the same time, take AutoCAD WS for example. This is the tip of the iceberg as to what can be done with social venues in my opinion.

al Dean

Four words Ralph. Those are:


I'll let you ponder the correct order for them.


Interesting post. I, like Chris and Al above, disagree. 'The Social' can be used for marketing (but not just advertising). Second, social activities can enhance workflow and everyday work. Third, I don't think that 'social' equals 'mobile'. Instead of writing a diatribe in your comments, I re-blogged your post and offer up my thoughts here: http://social-product-development.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-does-social-extend-into-enterprise.html

Matthew West

When you say "The Social is mobile" I think you're half right and half wrong. I agree with you (mostly) if you're talking about kids in their teens and very early 20s. I disagree if you're talking about people 30 and up, which make up the majority of professional CAD users.

Dominique Anderson

As is commonly the case, the subject at hand appears to be treated from an Engineering perspective and is focused on the tools: software and devices.
"Social" is more fundamental that what is delimited as "the Social Web, the whole Twitter, Facebook, texting thing."
From Dictionary.com, social is defined as pertaining to, devoted to, or characterized by friendly companionship or relation. The key for me is "relation".
The social context that is only natural addresses how people can be more effectively connected with the hopes that this connection may lead to innovation; thus the context of CAD vendors becoming more social.
More than marketing, engineers along with all who desire to may work together to aspire and make things better and more accessible.

Oleg Shilovitsky

Ralf, All CAD vendors did with social was to improve the communication. What's wrong with that? Best, Oleg

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