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Sep 15, 2010



This practice has been common in trade magazines of all types for many years, and even in the sections of local newspapers that cover businesses.


This is one of the points in the old media vs. new media which doesn't seem to go away. May of the old media use those credentials to proof. However, the new media has the "mommy bloggers" that are straight up paid endorsers (practically employees).

Side note, I'm not sure the Oprah related quote is applicable here. She gets sponsors to donate gifts to her audience all the time. This is a case of direct advertising in my mind. There may be 3M in AU$, but the upside to Australia could (and likely will be) much more than that.

Julian Hardy

Frankly, I would expect a better working knowledge of the English language from an "editor" who expects me to pay for advertorial content:

"... it give [sic] you lot's [sic] of PR ... because your [sic] on the website, your [sic] in our newsletters and your [sic] in print plus your [sic] endorsed by Tony Lockwood ..."

(For the record, it should read "it gives", "lots of", and "you're in". Pedantic, possibly, but editors are SUPPOSED to be professional wordsmiths, after all!)

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