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Jul 16, 2010




The lineweight issue apparently needs to be applied to all CADD software. A bit of advice to CADD users is, before you consider a move to using Truetype fonts as opposed to Vector based shape fonts consider different plotting sizes. A D size print using truetype fonts when reduced via printing, to a B size print may be unreadable.


Whether using color dictated line weights or user defined ALWAYS think about the text and differing plot sizes.

Kevin Quigley

Of course Ralph some apps have done this for years and years.....like Mac native ones.

Josef Meier

getting fonts right is extremely difficult, especially when you add 3D. There are many font engines available for OEM licensing to ISVs and my guess is the clones are not making use of any of them.The HOOPS 3D graphics system handles fonts gracefully and can trace a common heritage back to the technology in AutoCAD. They at least share a common development team in their past in Carl Bass' Ithaca Software.

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