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May 13, 2010



NaCl will probably be restricted to the ChromeOS (as and when that happens), although Google says that Mozilla is supporting the effort. 3D on the browser will most likely take the route via WebGL (a standards based route).

WebGL is already available in the nightly builds of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. That said, it is unlikely that it will be available on IE soon enough. But that shouldn't be a big problem.

As for JavaScript being slow - I think a more pertinent problem is that people don't know how to program well in JavaScript. There is no reason why it will remain slower than native code.

I also think that Autodesk, Dassault-Systemes and others are likely to be evaluating WebGL too right now.

Sean Doughtie

That dream becoming reality would be nice, I doubt but Autodesk will ever become that open.

Steve Johnson

Besides the inherent disadvantages of running a specialist product in a generic tool designed for a different purpose, why would people trust their sensitive CAD data to a company with a privacy reputation that lies in tatters?

Devon T. Sowell

Editing CAD Models online and a cloud hosted simple CAD PDM app are two different issues.

Simple CAD PDM will come first.

Editing CAD models in the cloud is a long way off in the future.

Devon Sowell

Ralph Grabowski

AutoCAD is working on the editing part through their Israelli acquisition of VisualTao, now renamed Project Butterfly. I have an article on it in Monday's upFront.eZine.

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