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Apr 05, 2010



So you are the only one who is non biased?

You wrote in this issue:

"Control can also be positively applied. Autodesk and SolidWorks spend much time "welcoming" their independent bloggers, because they realize that they need to control them -- and bribe them with expenses-paid trips to SolidWorks World and the like."

So are you implying that Autodesk and Solidworks blogger are "under control" and only report the things ADSK and SWX want them to post? That's absurd.

Ask anyone and they will tell you I'm one of Autodesk's biggest critics when they do something wrong and biggest fans when they get it right.

A vast majority of my fellow Autodesk & SWX bloggers are the same. Just the other day I was reading a posts about how SWX had dropped the ball on a feature set. I'm not sure that is "under control".

Autodesk and Solidworks give us access to things the non-blogging crowd don't becuase, yes of course they want us to share the positive, but they also know we are going to share the negative if we find it.

You really think Autodesk would still be offering to send me to events if they only wanted positive posts? Do a search over the last 10+ years and let me know how many critical posts about Autodesk you find. Let me know when you are tired of counting (for the record there are probably as many positive posts).

This comment comes off as holier-than-thou Ralph. You get your expenses paid all the time. Are these bribes? Does this make you "under control"? No, of course not.

Absurd, arrogant, and plain wrong.


Read the article again: It was a marketing person from inside a CAD vendor who made the "Control can also be positively applied" statement -- not I.

Randall Newton

Time for some Emily Latella humble pie.


It is NOT very clear that this is continuation of his quote. In the future I'd suggest using "quotes" around quotes. For example where does the quote from the PR person end?

I retract my statements towards you Ralph and offer my apologies...(and redirect them to this marketing person)

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