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Apr 13, 2010



Finally some sanity in this bizarre I am taking my ball and going home saga...

Steve Johnson

I was going to write something similar, and you saved me the effort. Autodesk does not, never did, and never will own exclusive rights to use the term DWG. Autodesk's legal team should stop pretending, it's not a good look.

B Decker

Its called greed. Major share of the market still isn't good enough for them.

Look, lots of designers would still prefer Autodesk products for certain tasks - even when they only use about half of its functionality.

Fact is, millions gets invested every year into AutoCAD functionality that isn't required - but makes at least some users believe could be and that they are still getting something for their maintenance. Where does Autodesk actually get the money for this bloatware-style development? From high prices and constantly trolling the market with legal scare tactics.

I hope Autodesk realizes how this is backfiring on them. Nobody really _wants_ to work with guys like this.

Tony Tanzillo

AutoCAD 2011 displays the following when you open a non-Autodesk created DWG:

"Non Autodesk DWG. This DWG file was saved by a software application that was
not developed or licensed by Autodesk. Autodesk cannot guarantee the
application compatibility or integrity of this file."

This is false and misleading trade practices, and if you ask me, gives competitors grounds for legal action against Autodesk.

What other purpose can there be to restate the terms and conditions of the ELUA (which stipulates that there is "NO WARRANTEE" of an kind, on ANY DWG file, regardless of what software produced it), than to mislead the customer into believing that DWG files produced by non-Autodesk software are somehow inferior or defective?

AFAIK, this is essentially nothing but deceptive trade practices.

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