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Mar 18, 2010


Owen Wengerd

This post proves that I'm getting more cynical, because my first thought when I saw the screen shot was "stupid ribbon".

Steve Johnson

Please Ralph, Project Butterfly is not any kind of "version of AutoCAD". It's a basic browser-based 2D drawing viewer/editor. It may be DWG-compatible to a limited extent, and it may be Autodesk-owned (now), but it ain't AutoCAD or anything like it.

Being Flash-based, I guess it's not going to work on an iPad (or iPhone, but that would be silly anyway).

Owen, cynical? Never. It is indeed a spectacularly space-inefficient Ribbon implementation. The Butterfly Ribbon works much faster than AutoCAD's, though, which is kind of embarrassing.

The profligate space waste applies to the whole of the Butterfly UI, not just the Ribbon. An unavoidable byproduct of multi-browser-support lowest common denominator UI design, inherent to cloudy software? Not entirely. I'm sure it's possible to do better, and it will probably be improved sooner or later.

Bill DeShawn

Well, I'm CYNICAL, and you can't change me! All the freakin' fuss over the screen real estate that the screen menu was taking up and this GUI ribbon that takes up even more screen real estate has icons that AutoCAD is going to change every year like they have been doing with all their other icons, so that we will have to relearn what our same commands look like all over again every year. It's CRAP!

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