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Mar 24, 2010



Actually, there's a good argument that for typical drivers, Prius & similar cars are less environmentally friendly (extra cost up front, batteries, etc) -- in general, diesels would be a better match.

And let's not get started on such environmental disasters (sold as great new "green" tech) such as MTBE and ethanol.


Futher evidence: car makers shutting down their nice car development plans, and doubling shifts for SUVs.

Hasn't the Hummer production line shut down?

Norm C.

Maybe a majority of North American drivers want SUVs and pickup trucks, but it is neither true of the whole continent (case in point: Quebec province) nor the rest of the world. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought Siemens PLM's target market wasn't only in the States.

As for saying that climate change is last year's myth... well that is your opinion.

@ DF
I'm pretty sure that when we see the economy get back on its feet, Americans will be back in droves to car dealers to purchase big guzzling behemoths again. And GM and every other car maker will be happy to provide them.

But I was unaware of car development plans being shut down. Not with all those showroom prototypes and ads about hybrids from about every car manufacturer...

Dave Taylor - automotive marketing, siemens industry automation

Ralph, you’re right the release is to remind people that our software is ready for automakers no matter where they’re headed in design and production. Thanks for your feedback and perspective. Managing a portfolio that accounts for all the different consumer preferences, economics and government regulations around the world is an enormously complex challenge.

Norm C. is right that our market is global – that’s why Helmuth was speaking at this conference in Germany. He’s talking but also listening to the issues the Germany automakers face. One constant we’re hearing around the globe is the complexity OEMs need to address in product development as they address the consumers ever increasing appetite for more innovation in and around the vehicle. They want more safety, more fuel economy (whether it’s an SUV or a compact), more comfort.

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