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Feb 07, 2010


Kevin Quigley

Yes and the same consumers will be queueing up round the block at Apple Stores worldwide in March to buy one.....

Kevin Matthews - ArchitectureWeek

I tend to agree with Kevin Q.

The survey interpretation at Retrevo seems to be all about driving a certain interpretation - not really about figuring things out with an open mind.

As the comments now online at Retrevo detail, the same numbers support a variety of very different - and possibly more defensible - interpretations.

And that's in addition to a lack of information about the survey methods... and the underlying problems with polling people about something that's a new game-changer. You tend to end up polling them about the reach of their imagination, not about the future behavior they can't predict accurately without a great deal of it.


I seem to remember that when Apple released the iPOD, focus group responses were similar to what is reported above - this is probably another product that we didn't know we needed, until we had it.

Sean Burke

Seriously Ralph? That's your takeaway from the study? "Failed to convince anybody", sure is ignoring a large chunk of somebodies. It would be such a shame if only 13 million people buy one in the first year. That sure would be a failure. ;-)

Yes, poor little iPod, no one would ever want one of those... Oh, wait, I have two! The iPad has been anticipated for a while, sure the initial spectacle has subsided, but that doesn't mean people aren't interested. Perhaps the wait between announcement and shipping product is too long. People will, as other have said line up to be first.

The gap is wide, and there's probably room for other devices in there as well. I for one will buy one for riding the bus into downtown everyday to catch up on my blog reading. Perhaps not in the first day or week, but very shortly after the launch.


but possibly the ipad has made touchscreens more practical? I'll wait until a few months of real users' impressions.

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