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Jan 06, 2010


Evan Yares

The judge insisted that the jury be paid for. The amount was $3,500.00 for one day.

Because Autodesk was party that had requested a jury trial, the judge assessed them with the cost. Autodesk's attorney offered to pay for 2 days, instead of one, and it was to this offer that the judge responded about "big firm practice."

The offer was not made out of generosity on the part of Autodesk's attorney. The actual jury pool size was 50 people. The judge had previously chided the SolidWorks and Autodesk lawyers, noting that these people had come, many from long distances, driving through darkness and fog, and that, if someone had an accident on the way in, it would have been for *nothing*.

The offer to pay for 2 days, and, for that matter, the apology to the jurors, was mostly a matter of saving face in front of a rather pissed-off federal judge who the lawyers can reasonably expect to appear before again.

Incidentally, Zusha and I were the only non-participants there.

Jeff Ray was there, with an obvious look of relief on his face. Carl Bass wasn't there, but when I talked to him later on Monday, he was glad to have it over too.

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