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Dec 10, 2009


al Dean

Problem with this press release and many others relating to automotive process is that they use words rarely used in the field.

There's very little design. It's Styling (which is Alias' stronghold) and Engineering (Catia's domain). Throw ICEM Surf, which is still used traditionally in technical surface development and which Dassault now own, and it's a complex thing, usually treated with complete disregard by vendors jumping on the bandwagon.


Have you heard any rumors that Chrysler is moving to UG?


Engineering definitely falls within the "design" process, as does CAD. Catia is considered to be a "CAD" system, which is used primarily by non-engineer designers, although I'm sure in some situations degreed engineers use Catia also. Abaqus is heavily used for engineering analysis in automotive design, arguably the most widely used FEA product in that market, and Abaqus is now part of Dessault too.

Alias appears to be used exclusively in conceptual design. Once the nitty gritty drawings and parts lists need to be generated, Alias doesn't appear to be a viable tool. Maybe Inventor? Autodesk quietly acquired Moldflow and Algor (FEA software) a year or two back. Haven't heard much about their plans or strategies for those non-CAD product lines. My guess is that the acquisitions looked good on the executive powerpoint, but in reality a poor fit with ADSK's dealer channel, development expertise (they're a CAD company with no in-house analysis software experience), and existing product lines.

M Koss

Note also that the release says "used in the design" and not "used to design" - two very different things. CATIA may have been used to design certain parts, or used by suppliers. I'll bet it sure wasn't used to design the wiring harnesses!

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