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Nov 19, 2009



I wonder if Visio tried to be so many things to so many people it just got lost.

Was it a graphic app, development tool, design software...?

Although it gets "refreshed" you get the impression that Microsoft aren't sure what to do with it either.

Jarod Schultz

Actrix... Wow... That made my head spin... Haven't heard that one in a while...

Peter Lawton

Ralph, please! Don't encourage more change, for the sake of change - that's Autodesk's business model, and it's primary purpose is to generate revenue for the shareholders. If Visio 98 works, then minor tweaking is all that is warranted. Thankfully, it doesn't force users to learn a 'new' interface where all the command buttons have been re-arranged, just to keep the training segment employed.

Sorry about the rant tone ....

Ralph Grabowski

I don't like change for change sake, either (c.f. AutoCAD 2008->2009->2010). I was amused that Microsoft marketing's top-ten list could have been written for Visio 98.

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