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Oct 22, 2009


Lisa Crounse

hi -

I am the Product Manager for Project Cooper. I'd like to provide a bit of clarity on this project.

Project Cooper does not include a copy of Vault 2010. That may have been installed with some other Autodesk software.

In terms of its relationship to AutoSketch, Project Cooper an AutoSketch are both applications for 2D drafting, but the similarities pretty much end there. AutoSketch, which was released many years ago, was designed with the professional user in mind – meaning someone who has training in some sort of technical drawing. Surveys of the AutoSketch user base reflect this as most have some sort of formal architectural or engineering training.

Project Cooper, on the other hand, was developed for a much broader audience with teh intent of making drawing, drafting and sketching available to everyone. With a basic set of features and simplified tool interactions, Project Cooper allows everyone from the novice to the highly trained to quickly get their thoughts on virtual “paper.”

On the Impression side of things, Cooper is not an extension of the Impression code base. It looks a bit like Impression as we have some of the same UI designers on this project, but the code is completely different.

I hope that you'll give Project Cooper another try.

Lisa Crounse
Product Manager - Project Cooper

R. Paul Waddington

"AutoSketch, which was released many years ago, was designed with the professional user in mind"

Is this some kind of joke - or what?

Evan Yares

Paul, regarding Autosketch being designed "with the professional user in mind":

That's a reasonable statement. Autosketch is often used by architects and engineers, as opposed to "CAD professionals." For the most part, people buy AutoSketch because they need something simple and relatively cheap.

In any event, Autosketch was an orphan product from day one. Walker didn't "design" it to do anything but kill a competitive product. (Yea, I was around at the time, and know the history. Makes me feel old.)

Sounds like Cooper is at least a thoughtful attempt at building a tool to meet the needs of an identifiable set of users. (Though, given its underlying "DWG Editor" executable name, I suspect that it too is designed to kill a competitive product.)


Cooper is not available for trial download in the Middle East, specifically Kuwait.

james nicholson

i've a problem with installation of freestyle preview technology. Im using Win XP proffessional( sp3 ) the message says" installation failed " Plzzz... help me.
thanks in advance..

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