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Sep 24, 2009


Scott Wertel

Has it really been that long since I've heard of T-Flex. As a matter of fact, I think it has. Now I feel old. If I remember correctly I first heard of T-Flex Parametric Pro around 1998. An amazingly powerful software far exceeding any parametric tool available from US companies.

Even back then, it had multi-part models, part/assembly parameter links, easy transition between part modeling and assembly modeling - including modeling as a single part and then breaking into an assembly, powerful drafting with bi-directional dimensions.

Their marketing was also honest and straight forward. Parametric design won't save you time in your up-front process, but it will save you time in change orders and revisions. A decade later and that is still true. We are finally getting to the point in technology where concepting in CAD may be as quick as a napkin sketch or clay model, and it's taking a detour away from parametric (defined as history based features) CAD in order to do it.

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