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Sep 29, 2009


Norm C.

Thanks for the link Ralph.

I've read the pdf. It sure would be interesting to know Mr. Prepchuk's views on IntelliCAD's status 10 years later. I couldn't help but notice that he didn't follow on his pricing proposals with Autodsys' products (10 years later, they are priced somewhat lower than what he recommended in his white paper). Although he has to contend with all the other IntelliCAD resellers.

Ron Prepchuk

My advice on pricing was applicable to Visio IntelliCAD at that place in time. Now that IntelliCAD is distributed by a number of different companies which are all competing it tends to drive the price down. In 1999 there were no alternatives so Visio could have easily priced their software at $699 and made just as many sales. That would have given Visio the funds to develop the product like it should have been.

Ralph Grabowski

I think the pricing problem stemmed from Visio wanting to price IntelliCAD at 10% of the price of AutoCAD. I agree that the ITC should have upped the price and then put the additional revenues towards more development.

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