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Aug 19, 2009


Dave Ault

I remember debating this cloud nonsense with a couple of guys at PLM World this past June. My position then and now was that for reasons of security alone cloud computing was out as the only secure network or PC is the one that DOES NOT go online. Why anyone would want to wait for the vagaries of ISP throughput to load or save cadcam files is beyond me.

I know personaly of a company close to me that experiences downtime on a T1 line far more often than you might think and for periods of up to a half a day to rectify the issues. This whole cloud thing is nothing more than "dotcom bubble" hype by people with a vested interest in selling something and those who have an irrational fascination with anything "new" even if it is counter productive.

Cloud computing is just about as usefull as twitter is to anyone who wishes to communicate more than what color is the tp I am using while on the throne.

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