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Aug 20, 2009



So there is an embargo on the information, but not on the fact that there is an embargo. Or the fact that different dates have been handed out. The SW bloggers were given the Aug 24 date, while it seems Mr. Tara was given Sept 1.

"Corporations love parrots." HA! Love it.

"What benefit do my publications gain from posting the same news as everyone else and at the same time? This is why I never wrote a review the new 3D mouse from 3dconnexion" Exactly.

"Tell me what I don't know." Beautiful.

Why don't they program some bots to post stuff to a corporate blog, and assign a fictitious name and a fake picture. They get the same result as parrots posting what they're told when they're told, plus you don't have to fly the bot to Concord and give it a free ball cap.

Scott Sheppard

"For editors like me, however, the phrase 'at same time' is the crux of the problem. What benefit do my publications gain from posting the same news as everyone else and at the same time?"

You are correct. The information alone is not sufficient. Your readers benefit from your personalized commentary that accompanies your sharing of the information.


Sigh, so any blogger invited to SW HQ is a corporate parrot? Your statements might seem a bit premature and a tat under-researched, especially for an "editor". They just come off sounding like sour grapes. Seriously, have you even read the material of the people you are off-handedly devaluing in your complaint about SW?



I believe Ralph is well acquainted with SW bloggers, at least a couple of us. I don't think sour grapes has anything to do with it. He said he has his invitation. To people who have been there several times, the travel is lost time and more a pain in the neck than an honor. If you haven't been there before, its easy to see why you might be impressed by the invitation. Frankly, it's a long way to go to see stuff that you mostly know already because beta is available to every user on subscription. And its a very long way to go to see stuff that you can't talk about anyway.

Wind Reaper

Using your good connections and importance to gain exclusivity means making actuality all the harder for the rest of the press. Sounds like you easily accept being part of the very mafia you otherwise denounce.

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Maybe you should think about what blogs like Tech Crunch have done = they only will agree to embargoes if its an exclusive.


I'll just say I'm with ya, don't see the reason for different nda dates.

Reagardless of when something is published or where, it the unique content and opinion that matter. "Tell me what I don't know."

Even if nda's where lifted at the same time though, print would typically come out a little later than an online article.

Ken Elliott

The only reason I can see for you agreeing to an embargo is to have early access to the data, and have time to analyze it, forming an opinion and publishing. I agree that simply publishing their press release is of little value. I am not sure that you realize that the reason we like your writing is to get _your_ opinion. You've been pretty insightful over the years and your audience has an understanding of your point of view. We like to see what Ralph thinks, as it gives us another data point.

Bill Fane

Ball cap? What ball cap? I didn't get a ball cap...

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