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Aug 17, 2009


Can Read Charts

Naveen, see the 2nd chart in your piece again. You seem to indicate a negative trend in the numbers with a thin red line pointing downward. But I see a positive trend in the last three quarters, with a lower revenue decline in the latest quarter compared to 3 quarters ago. Is it a case of \"let me dump on ADSK so the media will report it\" ?

The rest of your conclusions (need lower OpEx, expect lower revenues, expect lower margins) are NO BRAINERS that any MBA student could have said. You get paid to do this at the place you work? Tell me it aint so!

Tony Tanzillo

\"Is it a case of \"let me dump on ADSK so the media will report it\" ?\"

No, we can use the USD $16 billion/year that it cost customers as a direct and proximate result of a core strategy of hindering data interoperability, if really wanted to 'dump on them'.

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