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Aug 07, 2009



Funny you don't mention the outrageously high income taxes that Canadians are forced to pay to cover the 'free' health insurance. No thanks, you can keep socialized medicine up north. I myself will continue to strive to do good at what I do so I can maintain a job thats good enough to provide me with the coverage I need, at little cost($600 yr), and low income taxes.


From the editor:

That's because British Columbia (where I live) has amongst the lowest taxes in the world, especially for small businesses like my own (around 15%). Plus, we can income split here in Canada (unlike the USA), so the first $50,000 can be tax-free in a family of five.

Norm C.

It is truly baffling to see how our south neighbors are polarized (I'd even say, provocatively, unsophisticated) in regard to politics. The rightwing weirdos and nutjobs calling Obama a socialist (as if it was a dirty word!!!) for his medicare reform are unbelievable. Thugs, really. Am I condescending? You bet! Come on, your political system has never had ANY "left" party in its history AFAIK. The Dems' leftwing is probably to the right of most of the countries in the democratic world.

There are studies that show that the Canadian and British healthcare systems cost less per capita than the American one. But you don't want to believe that anyway. It's not about getting unbiased information, it's all about dogma.

Even if it's not perfect and we complain a lot, we are happy with our "socialist" (sigh) programs.

A note, Ralph: I find the equation government run = inefficient to be unfair. A lot (and I mean A LOT) of private businesses are run as poorly. Just pick up a paper and read the financial pages, you're sure to get examples everyday. I think any big organization, be it private or government, gets to a point where it's unmanageable.


Actually, Canada's total taxation (taxes as percent as GDP) is significantly higher than the US.

OTOH, if you're talking out of pocket (ignoring the other people who pay the costs, e.g. employer or other (richer?) taxpayers), I'm not impressed. I pay nothing for medical, dental, and vision insurance; on my current plan, I do pay for non-routine doctor visits, but those rarely happen, and the out of pocket max (including drugs) is $3,000 -- and everything is tax deductible, including dental visits.

I've personally experienced the benefits of hospital choice.

Maybe the BC way is nicer if you're self-employed.

Brian D

Much of what is currently being said by politicians and pundits in the US about the UK NHS is simply factually incorrect. There are a couple of useful articles in the Guardian today that set the facts straight (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/aug/11/nhs-united-states-republican-health and http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2009/aug/11/nhs-sick-healthcare-reform). A key point overall is that the UK spends less on healthcare per head than the US, but has a higher life expectancy. Many commentators also seem to miss the fact that in the UK you can choose to use the NHS or pay for private health care if you prefer (many people do both).

However, the real thing commentators are missing is how much respect and affection ordinary people have for the NHS. While I've seen its bureaucratic inefficiencies on several occasions, neither I nor anyone I know would swap it for the American model - we are generally treated well.

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