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Jul 14, 2009



I guess I'm surprised that any of Matthew's comments are news to anybody at this point. No epiphany here. Move along...


Life changes for each genereation. And how we perceive things is different. To me, a cell phone is a necessary and fragile piece of electronic equipment. To kids its just another accessory.

That is why my kids have been "lucky" to have several of my old phones as hand me downs. After a few years with one of the kids the phone is usually trash.

And does all of this technology help keep us and parents together or does just divide us all into smaller market segments?

Matt Lombard

You know, it's so much fun to sit back and laugh at the set that has their hair on fire for anything that's new new new. New stuff has to prove itself well beyond the short attention span of an ADHD generation. There is new tech that is great and new tech that is miserably useless. History tells us we will see more of the latter than the former.

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