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Jul 24, 2009



UAC is in lunix a bitch I booted from a dvd and i took me 2 hours to find out how to load stuff als _root. I'm sorry but linux fails on that, but now I know what too do I can do it in 10 seconds... but to figure such a thing out took me 2 hours..

Earl Kubaskie

Like it or not, Windows is what we got.

I've used 7 exclusively at home for over 6 months, even for production CAD work. Civil 3D (2010 now) and I get far better performance and stability than the XP boxes at work.

Homegroup? MEH! Take that old box you were gonna trash, stuff some more drives in, and drop a hundred bux for Windows Home Server OEM. You get an real server at home (works well in a small office situation of under ten boxes, too) with simple file-sharing, workstation backup, and great performance.

Norm C.


I don't know what Linux distro you had, and what exactly you meant by "loading stuff"... Copying files? Installing apps? Anyway, it's usually pretty simple. When you do something that requires root permissions, a window pops up and you just need to enter your password. At least that's the case in Ubuntu, and I'm pretty sure Mint as well. You never log in as root.

Now moving files on the root partition, and not your /home partition, that would be something else. Most users won't need to do that though.

But 2 hours to find how? Did you search the answer online? :-P

Bill Fane

30 seconds to boot up?

Our first CAD station in 1986 or so was a "powerhouse" 6mHz IBM AT. We paid $1,300 extra to get a second meg of RAM. Power on to AutoCAD Command: prompt: 30 seconds.

Better yet, I have a 1987 vintage Toshiba T1000, arguably one of the first laptops in the world. It has 512k of RAM and a battery-sustained 765k virtual drive. The operating system, DOS 2 (all 56k of it) is burned to a PROM chip and so doesn't need to load. It just comes up running. I can go from power on to WordPerfect in just over 3 (yes, 3) seconds.

On the other hand, my current desk-beside box is a Dell 2.7gHz core 2 quad running XP x64. Power on to AutoCAD Command: prompt is about 4 minutes.

This would seem to be Microsoft's marketing strategy; load up the OS with so much crapware that it takes forever to load just so they can now sell you the later, faster version.

Ahhh, progress...


This discussion is all fine if we were talking about word processors or video players, but we're talking about CAD. Running CAD on any flavor of Linux is hit and miss because a very large portion of CAD applications DO NOT SUPPORT LINUX! SolidWorks on Linux - FAIL! Solid Edge on Linux - FAIL! Inventor on Linux - FAIL! AutoCAD on Linux - FAIL!

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