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Jul 15, 2009



How critical is "5x faster display", anyway? Apart from from trying to use CAD over a remote connection, who has an issue with the current display / render rate?

We have been getting the hard sell treatment lately from AMD, using the same claims, only for AMD it's a "10x faster display". Hey AMD and nVidia - you wany my Purchase Orders? Make the drivers more stable, and make sure they're certified for use with our CAD tools.

P Lawton


Thanks for that tip, it's very good news. We have been hoping that nVidia (or someone) can write some sort of CUDA-based plug-in that will shift much more of the refresh duties to our Quadro cards. On larger files built with AutoCAD ABS/MEP(and increasingly with Revit), we find between 10% and 20% of our time is spent waiting for screen regeneration. These new drivers should help with our existing software.

Thanks again

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