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May 12, 2009



They sould look if the use of opensource/freeware goes up when the pirate software goes down. I gues if photoshop was hack-proof, every one that is not a big bisness is going to use paint.net. If office from ms is hack-proof, everyone is going to use openoffice.

About CAD software there student versions and the new unemployed programs gives away how usefull it is to get as much users to learn your packet. (before this was done by cracks and illegal downloads. If someone makes enough money with your software so he can buy it they should buy it, if they don't they should get it until they can this way everyone is happy. (more sales for cad vendors because more start-ups succeed)


Comments are moderated? Well I mis an edit button....

Steve Johnson

BS Alliance indeed; seldom has an organisation been so aptly named. Is Mr. Holleyman really that stupid, or does he just think we are?

R. Paul Waddington

I agree with Steve, a more aptly named organization it would be hard to find.

I add, as an organization who has a stated role to 'educate' business users in the rights an 'wrongs' of software usage; I am yet to see where, and when, that activity ever happens effectively, if at all.

I have said before stopping so called piracy is not an activity the major players want to happen; they just want us to believe they do and the BS is their attempt at putting on an honest face - whilst wasting money.


Never mind that the BS Alliance generates statistics imaginary enough to make a global warming alarmist proud

Less politics, more CAD, please...?

Norm C.


The use of Open Source/Free software would not be evoked by the likes of the BS Alliance, even if they do monitor it. Would you see them urge pirates to use Open Source alternatives instead of pirating their members' products? Not likely!


I'd just like to point out that "worser" is not a word.

Ralph Grabowski

I would like to point out that one is free to mangle the English language any way one wishes. The only thing that is important is, Does someone else read it? If not, then all the worser.

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