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May 22, 2009



My fearless prediction: it'll be as successful as Spaceclaim's $3000/year "CAD rental for everyone" was.

BTW, it looks like Alibre has removed all mention of Alibre Design Xpress. Is it gone or just hidden?

Brian McElyea

I would surmise it's not permitted on government accounts as most seats would be bought on contract dollars, and thus, belong to that particular contract.

Also, government accounts (US) are eligible for GSA pricing, which is less (sometimes substantially )than what commercial accounts pay.

Steve Johnson

AutoCAD rental was tried a few years ago (2002? 2003?). That program had more flexibility than this, being available in 3 month increments. It quickly died due to lack of interest.

Jay Moore

Good idea on the surface but too many "line items". No sub, no upgrade / crossgrades, no network deployment, etc. Too many no's. People looking for a solution like this are looking for a "band-aide" or patch for a temporary period but to leave them with no room up really seems bass-ackwards to me. If you had a consumer spend $2K with you isn't this the perfect prospect for an "up sale" to a full version? Perhaps not but I just thought this would be a good lost-leader to bridge users from temp to full time use.

Royal Farros

... or just use free applications like Google SketchUp or DoubleCAD XT. There's something to be said for simplicity.

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