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May 22, 2009


R. Paul Waddington

I have lost count of the students and those wanting to learn modelling in their own time at minimal expense.
To lose Alibre Express would be a great loss to the industry. I know some who have switched to the professional packages after using Express and there should be more as time goes on with some of the students keen to move 'upwards'
So I checked Alibre.com out just now and the deal is as it has been for some time: download Alibre Professional and after thirty days it 'becomes' Express.
Glad to see Alibre still doing a better thing for the MCAD design industry than any of the others.


The Alibre Design trial still makes mention of Xpress, and the trial versus Xpress page still exists, but all the other Xpress pages don't exist. Maybe Alibre is moving them, but at a minimum, it appears Alibre is downplaying Xpress.

And Xpress has been downgraded over time - early licenses allowed 25 unique parts per assembly, then it went to 10, and then to 5 (which isn't very useful for anything real).

There isn't unexpected - PTC offered Pro/Desktop for free for a while (with very few limitations), but then dropped the product entirely (and gave the users a 5-year license).

I've played with Alibre Design Xpress a bit, and so far have mixed feelings about it. It's crashed fairly often, and just seems to have a Windows 95 feel to it. I think for a non-mechanical guy, non-history based modeling is a better choice (e.g. I'd look at SpaceClaim closely if I was going to spend my own money), but Alibre definitely offers, at least on paper, a lot for the price.

Alibre Australia

Hi Ralph,

Thanks for mentioning this (as if many haven't already noticed). It is worth mentioning the substantial value Alibre offers with their full commercial and educational packages. Alibre Design Expert includes a full set of licenses including Algor DesignCheck FEA, Hypershot Web and Mecsoft Visual Mill 3 axis CNC - all for less than half the cost a single seat of AutoCAD (depending on promotional pricing at the time) -- educational licenses are just in the low hundreds. Autodesk even charges for their viewer!

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