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Mar 24, 2009


Norm C.

They finally turned on the ALIGN command in LT?

All I can say is, well it's about time. Considering it a "3D-only" command was beyond logical, to stay polite.


Worth note that they also turned OFF "LT Extender" They had to reach across the Atlantic Ocean to do this and have been threatening to send all users, past and present, of this fine little add-on, with mouse hand amputation in a public square or at least to prison for the rest of their lives. Trouble is they absolutely don't know who these users of LT EXTENDER are, so, as you know when that happens, a scapegoat must be found - round up the usual suspects. Also it is said that upgrades price will TRIPLE in price. I think I will get some stock in Rhino 3D if it is available to me, or maybe just volunteer to help them somehow for free.

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