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Mar 30, 2009



Ralph, glad your "blink" worked out for you! I also enjoyed this book and thought the "Think!" book that followed was a bit of a cheap shot at Gladwell's well thought out thesis.

On the other hand, during your fall, had you had more time to "think", you might have calculated the potential cost of hospitals, chiropractors, time off work before landing on your back. Sacrificing the $400 turntable might have made more sense :)

Matt Lombard


Yes, I agree that instinct is often better than analysis, but sometimes not. I also agree that Twitter will fail. It's a shiny gewgaw, and other things already exist that do what it does much better.

The thesis of blink reminds me a little of the book The Inner Game of Tennis, from a few decades ago. Similar appeal to innate vision, or instinct.


My twitter take: it'll follow the path of IRC and IM -- some people will continue to use it, but it will fall out of the mainstream.

I've been thinking that there's a lot to say about forgetting about all the daily hype, and concentrating on the long term.


Here in Canada we have free health care, so it was cheaper to protect my turntable than me!

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