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Mar 02, 2009


R. Paul Waddington

I probably will support the substance of these laws as they are being created to tackle the very same problems - plus others - I have been trying to get software users to react too for a long time.

Can I also say, I have previously written, laws are not the best way to solve these issues and would not be necessary except for the fact 'some' corporations have actively sought to take advantage of, and or disadvantage, their customers.

That said - and in relation to Autodesk - they could easily have avoided any scrutiny in this area if they had simply exercised some commonsense 5 years ago and learned to negotiate and be much more open with their customers.

These laws will be in response to the laziness and power grabbing attitudes of the individuals who make a company more than just a piece of paper.

Nobody will win in this situation - as expected - and again much money is being expended to establish what 'two people/parties' talking together and reaching an agreement can achieve.

Lawyers, I guess, will again be the major winners at the taxpayers and customers expense.

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